you are now a member of the bear family\n\n[[got o the city]]
you are a cool witch now\n\nyou have powers\n\nthe end !!!!
oh dammit 10 seconds is short\n\n[[start the adventure]]
a witch of the north ga=shhas wandered here\n\n[[hello]]
you're a princess in a forest\n\n[[east]]\n[[west]]
"oh well i guess if you don't want to be a witch its okay"\n
you vomit out the bear\nit seems annoyed
hello do you want to be a witch too\n\n[[yes ]]\n\n[[no]]
all nodes in this game have been written in 10 sedc or less\ni[[nclud]]
you push a tree and it falls\n\nyou sit on it
you eat leaves because yàut hink that's what bears do\nthey're old\n\n[[feel bad]]
Fabien Porée
ten seconds twine adventure
there is a bear\n\n[[eat]]\n[[talk]]\n[[befriend]]
you eat the bear and gain its powers\n\n[[fell a tree]]\n[[eat leaves]]
hello bear youy re a great animal of the forest\nbut it doesn't udnerasdtan
you do some shopping with the bear\n\nthe bear buys an ice c shit i forgot to turn the timer on\n\noh well guess that's it for this branch then